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Day 12 thru 16, Holy Bloat


Day 12- Today is the day where you eliminate breakfast and get to have a meal replacement shake

I am not a fan of not eating but if I only have to do this for a few days it’s fine

I woke up this morning however very hungry so I made turkey breast and pesto on thinwich bread for breakfast and did the shake for lunch

With anything I believe you should modify to fit your lifestyle and I know when I’m hungry. If I don’t eat I feel sick so I flipped the order up. A lot of people don’t stay on a meal plan for this reason, learn about your body, it is the best thing you can do to be successful on any program.

Dinner- my son just came home from college, he got to pick what was for dinner tonight  which is always broccoli cheese rice.

I have to be honest and let you know that these vitamin packs have me bloated like a beach ball or if I need to explain I cannot go potty and for me this is NOT normal. I was hopeful that after a few days my body will figure out what is going on but for now I am back up to my starting weight on day one and my stomach is not cute right now… 

Day 15- So here is what I decided, no more vitamin packs for me, my husband can continue to take them but I am done as there is one of them that my body does not do well with. I had surgery well over 24 years ago on my intestine so my system certainly has a mind of its own and lets me know if something is not working. I will continue the spark, (which I love), take my own vitamin regimen that includes probiotic, fish, flax, and a multi vitamin and continue the meal plan.

Breakfast- watermelon and 6 almonds

Lunch- Salad

Dinner- Lasagna – I made it yep, used less noodles, added some squash instead and some spicy sausage which gave it great flavor, then crushed tomatoes, paste and sauce with fresh basil, rosemary, garlic, and onion

Day 16– Have not taken the Advocare vitamins for 3 days and my body is still confused as to what it is supposed to do, I know WAY to much information but if I don’t go to the bathroom soon, I see an enema in my near future, ha Gross, Gross, Gross but I hope you are laughing as hard as I am

My mom gave me these things called Raspberry keytones that are supposed to help (recommended by Dr. Oz so they must be great) NOT, but nope no Bueno and I was popping those suckers like Pez candy.

 If you don’t know what those are you are really too young to be reading my blog


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