Car Adventures

My oldest son has a little commuter car. We knew when we bought it that the clutch would need to be replaced. Yep you guessed it today it decided to go out and while he is in a little town 5 hours from home with one repair shop. He called me of course and I try to look at the positive, he made it to a town where he knows people, he has roadside so it can be towed to the shop for free, he can take a bus home and we can pick it up after it’s fixed and drive it to him in Washington when we come to visit in 2 weeks, obviously we live in another state. WOW My son calls me a few hours later to tell me his friend in town is a mechanic and will fix it for him for the cost of the parts and a case of beer. Now reality, when we actually have his friend (Chris)look at the car it’s not the clutch but rather the entire transmission, Really?? So we scour the internet, find a salvage transmission that Chris will recondition, also replace the clutch kit since we have the transmission out anyway and can pick it up same as planned now that’s great news and my kind of mechanic. Ha No matter how old your kids are you never stop worrying about them and the financial support never ends but we all were young once


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