Aging and Retirement


The older I get the more I appreciate and look forward to vacation, there is something about getting out of town and being able to eat at new restaurants and see new things that is exciting. I have lived in the same city for well over 20 years and it is safe to say at this point I am bored and over it. I am definately ready for a change of scenery. This vacation we are spending with my oldest son in Portland Oregon. If you’ve never been you should plan a trip, not only is it green with trees everywhere but the food truck community is fantastic and the Saturday market also fun. My mom always comes to our house and brings her new little dog and hangs out with my two little yap yaps so we don’t have to deal with a kennel, etc. Also great, I feel sorry for anyone showing up at my house thinking we are out of town, my mom is older but you certainly do not want to mess with her I assure you. I will take pictures and share upon my return, I’m certain I will have lots to talk about, it’s always an adventure


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