Misc Rambling

Back to Reality


I always come back from vacation and the first thing I do is buy a lottery ticket. When I finally step away from work for a week it makes me yearn for the ability to LIVE LIFE with no concern for finances. I love my job and it may not be realistic but just think if every day and choose what you wanted to do with no restrictions. While we were in Portland we always go to this small hole in the wall place named “the screen door” and talk about fantastic food. If you are ever in town it is worth a visit but get there by 8 am or you will wait hours for a seat. This time I had the banana’s foster, yum. We were first in line this trip. I also thought that when my kids were grown it would get easier, well not true. I have 2 grown boys and I miss them more than I could have ever imagined. So either I win the lottery or rack up frequent flyer miles, since I don’t care for flying my preference is a large lump sum of money. Until next time


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