Big Big Big changes

House is on the market and I arrived in Portland on the 18th of August to start a new job. Yep I packed up my life and drove 6 hours with nothing but 3 suitcases. Try to follow this, I am staying with my oldest sons, girlfriends parents which I am so thankful for since this gives me some time to search for a place to live and not stress about finding a place today. Then I get a call from the company saying that I may not have a job, a WHAT? I quit my full time job I loved and I may not have a job, oh hell no. Needless to say I gave them some constructive feedback. The company should of never given me a start date if they didn’t have the job approved and thru purchasing, hello you don’t play with people’s lives and make promises with no recourse. In normal Soni fashion, I went to work and submitted my resume to numerous other companies and yep found a different job that pays better. Don’t ever think this girl will sit and wait on you figuring out your internal crap. My husband is still in Idaho with the dogs trying to get the house sold and I fly back on the 13th to move everything we have left that I haven’t sold (which is not much) whether the house is sold or not. On top of all this my sons commuter car starts to make a noise like the engine is falling out and yes this is the same car we just put a new transmission and clutch in, no joke. No more, I posted it on craigslist and sold it in 1 day, I refuse to deal with one more piece of junk car, GONE. The adventure is certainly not what I expected but I am up for it. In 2 weeks I need to have a place for us to unload the Uhaul into, wish me luck, I will keep you posted…


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