Back at it

Last week I started the new job and it is going to be both fun and challenging. I have a lot to learn since I have never been in the commercial banking field. I am always up for learning new things so I will put my head down, read everything I can get my hands on and flow diagram the hell out of the processes. I have decided that I will commute using the Max train system in Portland Monday thru Thursday and only drive on Fridays. This will not only save some cash but let me relax and read, and the most fun- PEOPLE WATCH.. Last week I saw 8 People with no teeth, a lady wearing nylons as pants with no underwear, and riding a bike. Now where else can you be so entertained for free… Only 6 more days and I fly back to Idaho to drive back with the Uhaul, the man, and the dogs. I am beyond excited to have them here with me


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