My hilarious life

I am still trying to get used to the fact Portland is home. It’s interesting because I love it, we’ll except the traffic but haven’t quite figured out this is permanent. I think it’d be easier if that damn house in Idaho would sell. If I don’t get a decent offer by end of 2nd week of October it will become a landlord and lease it out for a year. We had some low ball, stupid offers that I laughed at. I won’t give it away cause I actually can make a profit by renting it hello
The train: lady wearing panty hose as pants, no drawers, riding a bike, no unsee this
3 striker out of LA, he told me all this during our long conversation, trying to flip his future, good got you fella stay outta that cell
Charles, rabbit tattoo, Italian from Florida, one to many beverages, convinced I should go to dinner with him cause I had great teeth
Chris, the littlest man who thought I was beautiful and wanted to know if I was interested in getting to know him, no lack of confidence

It hurts no one to be nice to propel, you can be polite and decline easily, I certainly luv the stories


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