Misc Rambling

artists or so they say

I sat and watched the video music awards tonight and am truly amazed by the ramblings of Kayne West. He is given one of the highest awards in music and instead of saying thank you even once he stood on the stage and sounded like a complete idiot, who knew one word “bro”, which is an abbreviation of a word. If this is art or what we consider brilliance I fear we are in trouble. When you become bigger than the gratitude it is time to reevaluate. Then you let Miley Cyrus host who looks like a 10 year old boy with a lot less common sense and the most brilliant thing she can say is “my tit is out” sorry to inform you but that is not cute. I think I’ll skip it next time because it will take me a week to get the brain cells Back that I have just lost.  Last can anyone explain to me why so called celebrities get into Twitter wars, Instagram tiffs, and battle raps because another celebrity said something about them. REALLY, how old are you and are they paying your bills or impacting you in anyway. Here’s some advise ignore them seems pretty simpme and you would look really smart by not responding. 


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