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My son lives in a little investment property we bought several years ago, which just happens to be next door to a hoarder house. This is no exaggeration, the back of the house has 3 outdoor sheds that are packed to the brim with crap and then on top piled up with crap.
* The actual house has holes in the siding that I am sure have birds nesting and if you look thru any window boxes are piled to the ceiling in every room.
* A few months ago they built on a shanti on the back which I’m sure is because the house has no room left and now they have 2 chickens.
* The funniest part of this entire story is that they bought leashes for the chickens so they can walk them, really are you that clueless.
*I have called code enforcement since I believe it is truly a hazard for the 3 kids they have but so far no changes.
We have decided to sell the house and purchase a different property and just hope the next owners will see some improvements after our departure because the house we own is really a great little completely remodeled vintage home.

Donald Trump – I swear I should not even waste my breath but this man acts like a 5 year old child calling people names and constantly doing the exact things that he criticizes others for. Maybe it’s because he ahs bad hair and is mad, ha. I think there was a saying my mom always sued to say: that’s calling the kettle black.

Jobs: we all need them to pay our bills and there should be some enjoyment in what you do for a living so why is that some people are so miserable and want everyone around them to be the same. I strive to find the good in even the worst situations but have discovered that some people are beyond help and will simply never change.


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