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Quarantine adventures

What is the hardest part of quarantine? I am going to tell you my weekend trips to the wheel are what I miss most. The wheel huh? The Goodwill, I have called it the wheel since my boys were little because as I see it when you are playing the wheel of fortune you never know what you will win, well the Goodwill is the same and I am having withdrawals. I may need treatment soon.

The last week before home confinement I bought a chair for my patio that is worth 1200 for $5 bucks, yep it’s beautiful.

Let’s talk about me and my fabulous husband working from home. He has his two big monitors in the office/ laundry and I work in either the kitchen or our RV. Today he was a complete asshat, I ask if he wanted lunch and he pointed to his headphones to not bother him, conference call, ugh ok starve. All day he was like don’t do this, be quiet, blah blah. Long story I let him know I will not talk to you tonight, when you wake up tomorrow recognize I am that girl, appreciate.

I love my husband but don’t get it twisted after 30 years I expect a certain type of treatment and he shows up, just needs reminded every once in a while. This morning my coffee ☕️ was ready when I woke up. Love you to the moon n back Rob.


One thought on “Quarantine adventures

  1. I am belly laughing!!! 😂😂😂 Love that look – you must’ve been bored! Miss you, friend & laughing with you!

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