Finding a place to live, fun NOT

I have spent the last few days looking at various places to live and since I have lived in the house I own for over 20 years this is craziness to me. Today I saw a townhouse that has a garage yeah, and a super small pad of grass that my dogs will love. This is also one of the only places I would consider living in, yuck no I will not live in filth or in a place that I might get jacked getting out of my car, really…. My question is how are your dogs supposed to stay inside all day and not pee? I can’t go an hour so how would I expect my cutey dogs to do this nope not happening.. I guess I passed the background, credit, dog test.. So here it is, my new home for a while..

Big Big Big changes

House is on the market and I arrived in Portland on the 18th of August to start a new job. Yep I packed up my life and drove 6 hours with nothing but 3 suitcases. Try to follow this, I am staying with my oldest sons, girlfriends parents which I am so thankful for since this gives me some time to search for a place to live and not stress about finding a place today. Then I get a call from the company saying that I may not have a job, a WHAT? I quit my full time job I loved and I may not have a job, oh hell no. Needless to say I gave them some constructive feedback. The company should of never given me a start date if they didn’t have the job approved and thru purchasing, hello you don’t play with people’s lives and make promises with no recourse. In normal Soni fashion, I went to work and submitted my resume to numerous other companies and yep found a different job that pays better. Don’t ever think this girl will sit and wait on you figuring out your internal crap. My husband is still in Idaho with the dogs trying to get the house sold and I fly back on the 13th to move everything we have left that I haven’t sold (which is not much) whether the house is sold or not. On top of all this my sons commuter car starts to make a noise like the engine is falling out and yes this is the same car we just put a new transmission and clutch in, no joke. No more, I posted it on craigslist and sold it in 1 day, I refuse to deal with one more piece of junk car, GONE. The adventure is certainly not what I expected but I am up for it. In 2 weeks I need to have a place for us to unload the Uhaul into, wish me luck, I will keep you posted…

Moving, Moving, Moving

I have always believed that what you put out in the universe happens and I now feel stronger than ever that this is true. The day that I sold the first item out of our house and we decided to put it on the market, I began recieving phone calls and emails about jobs in Portland. Friday I accepted a new position and will be moving on August 16th. It has all happened so fast and is so very exciting. The only thing I will miss in Idaho is my Mom for sure and my dad but it’s a 45 minute flight to come visit. Let’s hope this house sells quickly and we truly will be totally free from debt. Let the fun begin

Committ and Get Rid of the Clutter


I posted last week all the stuff (clutter I call it) that we don’t use in our house, including 2 spare beds, 3 dressers, tables, you name it I listed it for sale. All of it gone as of yesterday. Three credit cards paid in full from the proceeds, yeah it’s on… I’m not sure my husband is feeling so great about all the stuff being carted out but I don’t have an attachment to stuff. Ok I sold a bed, one more thing I don’t have to worry about moving. Then there is the questions, why are you so gungho on getting rid of stuff, aren’t you moving to fast? Really? So here’s the answer NO, NO, and NO. If you are going to committ to something do it, why do anything halfway. I am excited about having zero debt and am motivated so just be quiet and get on board or I might sell you too, ha.

Get Gazelle Intense


I knew this year was going to bring BIG changes but I had no idea how big they would be. Yesterday my husband and I had a long discussion and determined it was time for him to give notice at his job (doesn’t have another one waiting) so he can focus on truly finding a position that utilizes his many degree’s and skill set. I know you all are saying you’re crazy, yep we are and we are huge fans of Dave Ramsey so if you follow him the next decision should not surprise you.
We also decided to have a realtor come out on Friday and evaluate our house to put on the market. Our kids have been gone for years, they are not moving back to Idaho, so a 4 bedroom, 3 bath house for us two doesn’t make much sense at this point. On the market it goes in August.
We have decided to sell EVERYTHING in the house, couches, beds, tables, rugs, pictures, the whole enchilada and only move our clothes and pots/ pans. We will use this money to eliminate debt.
• Whatever we make we are using to pay off credit cards, student loans, and the last balance on our vehicle.
• I have cancelled my contributions temporarily to my retirement plan, this money also will go to eliminate every single debt that remains. (Dave Ramsey, I’m listening)
• We are getting Gazelle intense and are going to live like no one else.
I can’t say that I am not scared because I am. We have not rented in 25 years so the thought of having to share a wall with someone is interesting at best and we have 2 little dogs so that will make it even more exciting. But the way I see it if you are afraid of change you can never grow. Here’s to a sensational next 3 months…

Truly amazing stupidity and random thoughts

On a daily basis I am amazed by the stupidity of some individuals. This week the idiot of the week award would have to go to those who thought they could steal these bright orange Tillamook VW buses and not get caught. Now what in the world would make you say to yourself, hey let’s go steal the brightest color vehicles we can find. Are you the dumbest people on the planet? Let me answer, YES
10 Random thoughts for the week:
1. Why is there always one car on the freeway going slow screwing up the rest of the flow of traffic?
2. Why does the slow car always drive in the fast lane?
3. Why do people always blame a president for the countries problems when the elected officials from each state are the one’s making the decisions?
4. Why isn’t the government forced to adhere to a written budget?
5. Why as we age do we turn into our mothers?
6. Why when construction is being done do they do 15 projects at the same time and not one street is left drivable?
7. Why do some people feel it is ok to wear sweats to work?
8. Why doesn’t everyone get a pedicure before wearing sandals? ugh
9. Why as we age does the hair on your chin increase?
10. Why are you exhausted after coming back from vacation?

Out with the old

Today the new water heater was installed and I cannot believe how small it is compared to the 1960’s one he removed. I have been thinking a lot lately about what is truly important in life. This has been increased by a couple of great people being diagnosed with life threatening cancers out of the blue. One of these guys (Steve) gave a speech one day and his message was to not wait to go after your bucket list because you never know if you will be around that long. So I truly believe that this is going to be a year of big changes and all exciting, scary, and necessary. Keep your eyes open as it is going to be exciting.



Hot Water

Woke up this morning and the hot water heater decided it was tired. Normally my husband can just re-light the flame and we are in business but not today. This big old old water heater had done its job, we got it for free when we remodeled 10 years ago so I am not mad at it. I joked that we can live this weekend off the grid, BBQ and take cold showers in the 100 degree weather. For now this is our modern day heater. It’s always an adventure


Favorite Day

Some Fridays I get to work remotely, today was one of those days. I am up an online early at 5am which means I am done by 3, leaving two hours before the man gets home to get stuff done. Today I took on the pantry, and what a job, I found stuff I wasn’t even aware we had. I take this stuff, box it up and drop it at the food bank in hopes someone can use it. After I was done it looked great as you can see and everything has a place, no more digging to find the blender. Oh speaking of blender, anytime you work hard it is my belief you should reward yourself, Margarita. Yeah enjoy your weekend and celebrate the little accomplishments.

Back to Reality


I always come back from vacation and the first thing I do is buy a lottery ticket. When I finally step away from work for a week it makes me yearn for the ability to LIVE LIFE with no concern for finances. I love my job and it may not be realistic but just think if every day and choose what you wanted to do with no restrictions. While we were in Portland we always go to this small hole in the wall place named “the screen door” and talk about fantastic food. If you are ever in town it is worth a visit but get there by 8 am or you will wait hours for a seat. This time I had the banana’s foster, yum. We were first in line this trip. I also thought that when my kids were grown it would get easier, well not true. I have 2 grown boys and I miss them more than I could have ever imagined. So either I win the lottery or rack up frequent flyer miles, since I don’t care for flying my preference is a large lump sum of money. Until next time

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