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Challenge Day 2 and 3


Day 2-

Not as much energy today but the hike yesterday has me feeling ALL of my 46 year old body.

  • I got on the scale this morning and I am down 2 pounds, that’s crazy. I assume it’s because I drank so much water yesterday I felt like I needed to just take my laptop in the restroom or get a catheter.
  • Today I am going to count the trips, ha. Once you read my blog you should get that I love to have fun with anything I do, so if you are offended by my comments, get over it and relax.

Breakfast- oatmeal and 2 slices of turkey bacon, of course my wonderful peach fiber drink

Don’t think I need to repeat take the supplements as detailed in the 24 day challenge guide

My snack= watermelon

Dinner = smothered potato, ground turkey with Taco seasoning, baked potato, mixed veggies

Exercise, bike ride around my neighborhood

 Day 3

I have lost 4.5 lbs. and my stomach is flat, yep you heard me flat, maybe this has something to do with no wine for 3 days but I don’t want to believe that, ha

Breakfast- egg whites and turkey bacon, last day for the fiber drink and I think I’ll miss it

Lunch- last night’s left over smothered potato with vegi

Snack- cottage cheese with strawberries

Dinner- Baked fish and Zucchini

Exercise = hike with my friend for 11,000 steps

Misc Rambling

Advocare 24 Day Challenge


Day 1

I woke up EXCITED since I had my husband take some before photos last night, needless to say they were not pretty.

Before we begin let me say I am a planner and I am all about easy, I certainly am not going to spend a lot of time figuring out fancy lunches, etc. I’m eating leftoverseveryday so my plan is to make enough of whatever we are having for dinner to take the next day for lunch. If you hate leftovers do something different, but this works for me and I love them…

  • My normal morning wake up beverage is a cup of coffee, today it was Spark and Catalyst.

o   I have to say trying to drink something cold at 5am was different and vitamins that early also interesting. After a few days I am sure it will be a habit just like my coffee.

o   I will continue to have my one cup of coffee on my drive into work. Unlike every other Monday, I have super energy- HELLO SPARK

  • Breakfast- I had read online from others how horrible the fiber drink was, um I disagree the peaches and cream tasted good, mixed with a cup of water and pretended it was a shooter (more fun), oatmeal and egg whites
  • Watermelon for snack
  • Spark and Catalyst 30 minutes before lunch- Turkey burger (no bun) and steamed mixed veggies for lunch
  • Omegaplex 30 min before dinner then grilled chicken breast, brown rice and cauliflower for dinner

o   Overnight Marinade for chix (lite coconut milk, sesame oil, green curry paste) so delicious

Activity- hiked 10,000 steps even with a bruised heel