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1st annual homemade Tamales

Prior to our move to another state, every year we would have our friends over to make homemade Tamales. We are now continuing the tradition in our new home state of Washington. Here are a few photos of the prep prior to everyone’s arrival. Pork for those who eat it and chicken for everyone else. The night before just get out the crock pots and season the meat and let it cook all night. The next day it is ready to go. Let’s talk Masa. I make my own and yes you need lard to make it taste good, everything in moderation as they say. recipe below: I also bought some pre-made from our local Taqueria. Let me just say make it yourself. flavor is so much better and so is the texture. Everyone went home with a bag of tamales and happy. Just another reason to get together with friends.


6 cups masa harina

5 cups chicken broth (warm)

2 cups lard

2 tsp salt, 3 TBS onion powder and chili powder

2 TBS cumin

mix masa with spices first, then add chicken broth, and last the lard mix it well

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My son lives in a little investment property we bought several years ago, which just happens to be next door to a hoarder house. This is no exaggeration, the back of the house has 3 outdoor sheds that are packed to the brim with crap and then on top piled up with crap.
* The actual house has holes in the siding that I am sure have birds nesting and if you look thru any window boxes are piled to the ceiling in every room.
* A few months ago they built on a shanti on the back which I’m sure is because the house has no room left and now they have 2 chickens.
* The funniest part of this entire story is that they bought leashes for the chickens so they can walk them, really are you that clueless.
*I have called code enforcement since I believe it is truly a hazard for the 3 kids they have but so far no changes.
We have decided to sell the house and purchase a different property and just hope the next owners will see some improvements after our departure because the house we own is really a great little completely remodeled vintage home.

Donald Trump – I swear I should not even waste my breath but this man acts like a 5 year old child calling people names and constantly doing the exact things that he criticizes others for. Maybe it’s because he ahs bad hair and is mad, ha. I think there was a saying my mom always sued to say: that’s calling the kettle black.

Jobs: we all need them to pay our bills and there should be some enjoyment in what you do for a living so why is that some people are so miserable and want everyone around them to be the same. I strive to find the good in even the worst situations but have discovered that some people are beyond help and will simply never change.