Pure stupidity at its finest

Today I attended my CPR/first aid certification course. I arrived and a man with a keg beer belly and long white hair was in the back of the room, also a participant. I being friendly Fran spoke to this ass hat and asked him where he worked in our organization. He informed me he isContinue reading “Pure stupidity at its finest”

Mandatory Minimum Sentencing Sucks

So today on my blog I am going to be serious because I’m mad as hell and need to talk about the legal system in this country. Mandatory minimum sentences for drug offenses is the most asinine law on the books to date and does nothing but cause massive overcrowding of all prisons and shiftsContinue reading “Mandatory Minimum Sentencing Sucks”


  This year thus far has been very interesting; we have had 2 hit and run totaled vehicles. First question, would you hit someone and not stop, what if they are injured, could you live with yourself not knowing? Second if you leave and are found that is a criminal offense, do you want toContinue reading “Dishonesty”