Pure stupidity at its finest

Today I attended my CPR/first aid certification course. I arrived and a man with a keg beer belly and long white hair was in the back of the room, also a participant. I being friendly Fran spoke to this ass hat and asked him where he worked in our organization. He informed me he isContinue reading “Pure stupidity at its finest”

Not my President

So I normally steer clear of anything political but after last weeks elections and watching some of the speeches from the man elected I just wanted to post a few very interesting links. I will respect that some people felt he was the best candidate but I for the next 4 years will not referContinue reading “Not my President”

Random thoughts to start the new year

1. No one looks good in pants with the crotch that hangs to their knees, they might be popular but not cute, really 2. Whoever the judges are that pick the winners of the golden globes should be fired, boyhood was the slowest most boring film I have ever seen 3. If you are standingContinue reading “Random thoughts to start the new year”