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Not so good things in life

So my husband and I walk a lot and we are always amazed by the trash that people just throw wherever they feel like it, whether it is food wrappers, cigarette butts, or anything else I simply do not understand how people have become so inconsiderate and lazy. Drugs, we were riding on the train and when looking out the window we see a young man addicted to drugs trying to find a vein to shoot up, syringe in hand, I was sad for days to think that a drug is powerful enough to make people not care about anything other than getting high. I am not naive but Its an epidemic that is so out of control and tragic. Now for the worst thing, a man dropped his pants in the middle of the sidewalk to poop, yes you heard me correctly. I was shocked, completely grossed out and could not believe that anyone ever would do this. What has our world come to? I guess the question I am left asking is how do we stop the cycle? We take a bag and gloves when we walk and pick up trash I guess as our small way of trying to make a difference but it’s so much bigger…. Ideas ?