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Entitled Conversation

I have taken 2 trips to Mexico in the past two years. Both times I have stayed at beautiful resorts that went out of their way to provide impeccable service. I thought surely this was just because it was a resort so I ventured out to explore the local areas. I am amazed at first the work ethic of the Mexican people, the joy, and the appreciation for the smallest things.

I then got to thinking about how impatient people in the US are and how entitled it appears we have all become. I am including myself in this statement so don’t come at me. Let me explain, I was standing at a small stand where people get drinks and the young man was making drinks as fast as he possible could, he acknowledged everyone as they arrived to ensure you knew he saw you.

Shortly after this greeting, a group of 5 caucasian men came up and snapped their fingers “stating Senor’ we have not yet been waited on”. What the hell? Do you not see this person doing everything they can to keep up and make you feel welcome. It took me a few minutes, yes I counted to 10 to ensure I would not cuss these ignorant entitled asshole men out. This is just one example of the things I observed.

  • I have to ask when did it become ok to treat another person with such disrespect?
  • When is it ok to think you are the most important person in the room and have complete disregard for EVERYONE else?
  • How can the Mexican community be so accommodating and happy when we know they are getting paid nothing?
  • What would ever make a person think it is ok to treat another person as less than?

What is the point of this post you ask? I truly came home after each visit and had such an appreciation for the beauty of Mexico, the wonderful people, and vowed to change the way I approach life in general. If a store is out of something you want, oh well. If you don’t get your food when you think it should be served, be glad you have food at all. Treat every person with kindness, no one is more important than anyone else, although I felt I have always done this a reminder is always welcome. In my humble opinion, the appreciation of things has taken over society, when truly what is important are relationships and caring for others.

I will no step down off my soap box, Thanks for tuning in

Misc Rambling

Bitten when trying to help

My homeless tale begins with my son becoming acquainted with a couple who lived across the street from his house. They were renting one side of a duplex from the husbands mother and she lived in the other side. One day he was talking to them and the wife told him her mom, stepdad and brother and sister were moving in with them because they were homeless. Well it wasn’t a few weeks and the mother evicted everyone from the duplex including her son.
My son being the tender heart he is was like mom they have 2 teenagers and they are going to be living in the park can they just stay in my garage for a month until they get into a shelter? My husband was like hell no that is a huge liability and me being the softy said ok. The mom (we will call her Beth) the stepdad and two kids move into my sons garage.
The daughter and son find a new apartment to live in. So at this point I am thinking now why don’t they go live with them now? The mom hangs out on the patio all day not even looking for housing. I arrive one day to visit my son and Beth is making tbone steaks on the grill for breakfast, huh what? I can’t afford steak really…
My son asks and Beth tells him they get 600 in foodstamps, which my son calls and finds out they have put his address as their residence at which time he informs the dept they do not and that they have one week to vacate.

My son and I have a conversation and he gives them a deadline to move out (after 2 months) of no action on their part and no desire to do anything different. They on the day he tells them they have to be out move to a hotel and leave all kinds of crap in his garage thinking this is free storage or a trash dump. My son calls them, yes they have cell phones and tells them you have one week to get your crap out (still very nicely) of the garage with no response, so he donates the usable items to the Goodwill.
* Lesson learned you cannot help those who don’t want to help themselves.
* There are homeless people by choice
* This particular family now posts on every social networking site they can asking for free food and money.
* Be sure to consider who you try to help and from this point forward we will stick with volunteering…..

I know that this post might make some people mad, oh well be mad because I know for certain that if this was my family, my butt would be out everyday doing anything and everything I could do to get out of someone’s garage and I certainly would respect their kindness enough to leave it better than it was before I arrived..