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5 lb weight loss, yes

If you follow me, you are aware that I started weight watchers last week. Well guess what? I am down 5.2 pounds. My weigh in days are Monday and it was killing me to not want to jump on the scale everyday, but this morning I was super happy. I know they say the first 10 pounds are just water weight but let me tell you my not so good friend menopause was not allowing even that to happen.

I tracked all my food religiously and the ability to scan the labels in the store to see how many points items are is fantastic. I made another one of the recipes, I needed something sweet so I picked a banana bread. Three ingredients, 3 ripe banana’s, a can of pumpkin and a spice cake mix. bake for 55 minutes. Let me ask why the hell can’t I find a spice cake mix? I have searched all over the world and they are no where to be found so I substituted a carrot cake with the other ingredients and added some pumpkin pie spice. My husband even ate it. If he eats anything low cal and likes it I know it is good. 3.5 points is the best part for each slice and we had 12 total. I also had Papa Murphy’s pizza last week 2 days in a row, yes only one slice but that was enough to make me feel like I was cheating.

Will give you and update next week. Next recipe, chicken, lemongrass noodle soup. yum

Misc Rambling

Weight watchers here I come

I have decided this week to try weight watchers. Why you ask, well this menopause crap has me 20 lbs heavier than normal and I feel like a sausage. I chose this program because you are allowed to eat anything as long as it falls within your point total and for me this is very important. If you eliminate the things you love the process is not sustainable, why bother. So here’s to my weight loss journey. I have to say the 1st few days following the program has been pretty easy. I get a total of 16 points. I tried the Tandoori cauliflower soup on day one and it had great flavor but I learned that I have to regulate my cauliflower intake, holy belly ache. I also tried the zero point banana pancakes, flavor again good but take my advise and microwave the banana and the 2 eggs, it is better as a souffle. The WW app has come ALONG WAY, you literally can scan the label on anything and it gives you the points for that item, I LOVE this.. I am also very aware of what I am putting in my mouth which I needed. Stay tuned….